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[10 Mar 2006|09:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

decisions, decisionsCollapse )

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[29 Jan 2006|09:42pm]
does anyone have any ideas WHY i can't view my friends page. it just will not load & i wanna read!

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[30 Jan 2005|09:43pm]

theres a part two!Collapse )

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[14 Dec 2004|05:42pm]

SWEET 16 PICS!Collapse )

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[11 Jun 2004|04:15pm]
i love you
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[19 Jan 2004|07:03pm]
I have a new journal anyway but now that someone hacked in and left a mean comment to someone I would NEVER say such a thing to, its most definitely going to be deleted. Thank you.
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[13 Jan 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hey girls<3

I'll go through my day bc hey what else is there to do.

A band- chem- I sit next to Kristina. Good fun. We had a review for our test tomorrow. HARD SHIT. Ionic + covalent bonding. eeeek.

B band- chem lab- Max + all the other trouble makers from my chem lab class got transferred out to cause trouble in other classes haha.So then me laura + cristina[other one] got on with our lab. Except it was hard and there were too many dangerous acidic substances so Laura just got the sheets from this kid Brandon who somehow wouldn't let me copy from it bc I said "good now we can copy" and I just got pissed because guys always annoy me and frankly I get pissed off easily.

C band-global- Hmm. We did a lesson where we just interpreted a bunch of artwork and poems relating to World War I it was interesting . . .

no d band NO MATH !

E band- lunch.

F band- English- We're reading 'a dolls house' about womens rights. Its really good. I was 'nora' the lead character all period and she had soo many lines by the time I got out of that class I could barely speak haha.

G band- law- My group [the plaintiff] lost our trial=[. It was a 6 to 5 vote and the defense won. Its weird bc we got to choose whether we wanted to be defense or plaintiff and we picked plaintiff although they had wanted it originally so idk. They were also all juniors and our group was all sophs so I don't know. Whatever. I saw Del Re gave me 100 anyway because I'm good like that.

H band- Spanish. Got our quiz back I got an 87=/ wtf is with me thats one of my best subjects ugh.

J band [this was math review]- THIS WAS WHEN I GOT PISSSEDD OFF TO THE EXTREME. These two assholes Brett+Mark [neither are lookers so when they bother me its just obnoxious]stole my north face hat and hung it from the chalkboard. Fine. I wasn't getting up to get it but when Olga got up she brought it back to me. They then proceed to take my burberry scarf off my desk and play with it as if it were a rag. Nice. THis was when I flippeddd. You don't do that to a $100 scarf and they were both well aware it was burberry bc Mark made a point of asking me on another occasion. So then I was sorta yelling doing the typical Jenna flipout and Mrs. Mora flipped out herself and started telling them to grow up and then she told Brett to get out and I enjoyed it bc hes just a complete all around fuckass but then I was like no let him stay whatever.

Then I came home=]

I LOVE YOU FELISA=D for the whole alexis sitch ykwim although my mother like QUESTIONED me after I hung up bc we were in the car.

On another note, I'm really excited for my sweet 16 which I think we're going to start planning soon! I'm having like 30ish people [not too big] at this gorgeous place I've always wanted a party of mine at. Its www.russosonthebay.com if you guys want to check out the site.


Anyway I have MAJOR chem studying to do. xoxo<3

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[28 Dec 2003|12:07am]
First job: n/a haha
First screen name: thejenjen
First funeral: never went to one
First pet: fish
First piercing/tattoo: my ears when i was likeee 1
First credit card: unfortunately I'll have to leave this one out=[
First Kiss: Joey
First true love: none, although I love Joey in a weird, twisted way but its not like LOVE i know that and I know love takes building up to
First enemy: Krystle Roach-- HATED THAT BITCH THROUGHOUT ELEMENTARY First big trip: to canada like every year haha and its not like anyone we know lives there i dunno . . lol
First concert: NSYNC !!
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Barry Manilow "oh mandy . ."
Last car ride: yesterday being picked up from hanging out w/ Krissy
Last kiss: Um. Christmas Eve. Bryan Rak. It could've been tonight though but just not . .
Last library book checked out: don't know? stuff from school on the American Revolution for this huge global project me + olga got a 94 on.
Last movie watched: oh jesus i don't know
Last beverage drank: diet coke
Last food consumed: some shitty ritz wheat crackers bc my mom MAKES ME EAT now
Last phone call: Laura
Last time showered: this afternoon
Last CD played: don't know I just blast MTV all day haha
Last annoyance: Joey definitely Joey
Last soda drank: diet coke didn't we go through this already?
Last ice cream eaten: ?? well thursday I had this bootleg 'frozen dessert' no carb bar does that count??
Last time scolded: Hmmm.
Last shirt worn: this gap sweatshirt right now=]
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[16 Dec 2003|02:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I think I just about have the beessst story in livejournal history.

Who: me, max
Where: chem lab
When: b band
How: onlyy god knows

Chem lab b band. I was sitting doing my lab w/ Cristina N. and Laura. This really obnoxious kid Max [see past entries] was playing around with all the chemicals as usual. This kid is obsessed with me. He talks to me, asks me questions, sits next to me, ONLY ME. Well regardless, hes trying to put chemicals in my hair [out of love darlingss! you know you only harm the ones you love]. So I moved to the other stool and I sit down. I got up a few minutes later and Laura's like "jenna whats on your pants?!". BIG STAINS. BIG ORANGE/RED STAINS. I was like "oh my goddddd what the hell" and max goes "i put the chemicals on the stool and you sat on it" mmhmm. I was SCREAMING AT HIM. I went to the dean and filled out a statement. He denied it but obviously he did it- HE CONFESSED TO ME. All his 'friends' are like "he didn't do it he didn't do it" but people DID say he was playing around with the chemicals ALL period. I called my mom from the bathroom and I was like "hi bring me new pants I have chemicals on these" which of course she wouldn't do. The spot was completely in between my butt cheeks [excuse haha] and it looked like a biig period stain. The dean said I needed to go to the nurse and have her uhmm examine me. I went to the nurse but I wouldn't show her that area, are you kidding me. Luckily she was sympathetic and was like I don't blame you. Then I called my mom and was like "yeah this is a chemical and I think I need to go home and wash it off because I don't know if its dangerous" my mom agreed and said she was just about to call me for the same thing. She came and picked me up and I went home and took a shower.

I MEAN THESE ARE DANGEROUS CHEMICALS AND ON A CHAIR?! WHERE ARE THE BRAINS. THIS COULD HAVE CAUSED ME SEVERE DAMAGE IN A GENTLE AREA, ANYONE REALIZE THIS?? I don't even CARE if the kid gets in trouble. Obviously my parents want the money for the pants back being they weren't cheap. Besides the pants, it could have caused me a largee headache. I missed almost a whole day of important classes because of this. Basically its a case of he said vs. she said but I KNOW he did it. Its just the way he is, completely idiotic even my teacher was saying he thinks he did it and the dean herself was like "you have to keep an eye on max, max is an idiot", it shouldn't be MY responsibility to keep an eye on him. wow.

I basically feel better otherwise though. Last night my parents went to a christmas party at this yacht club at 7 and were back by 8:30. Partiers much? Joey was going to come over at 9:30 but obviously I had to cancel on that one. Then my mom got home and I was dressed w/ makeup and hair done and of course I got a grilling on that one. It was because A) I was waiting for joey but B) I was outside with my 17 year old neighbor waiting with her for her bf to come because did I have anything else to do? Basically I had a talk with my mom at night about how joey isn't a bad person but I just overreacted tremendously to the entire situation and made him look so bad. We both made mistakes. We both obviously still like each other + want to see each other and I want her to be okay with the fact that he will at least be a friend to me if not something more.

I have to call my friend back. I'm out. xoxoxo

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*for jeanette [07 Dec 2003|12:24am]
Global History HW #29
Jenna Appelbaum C band 12/6/03

Nationalism plays a big role in society. Nationalism can be best defined as a sense of unwavering allegiance and a constant showing of patriotism for ones country. People, nations, and empires can be united or torn apart by the forces of nationalism. While nationalism can be a good thing that encourages a nation to flourish, it can also, in the same sense be destructive to a nation or empire’s well being. In Italy’s case, nationalism proved itself beneficial in uniting the people. On the other hand, nationalism ripped apart Austria and later their empire with Hungary and shattered their dream of unity
There are many positive aspects of nationalism. Nationalism causes pride among the nation’s people. They then in turn often want to fight and will do anything to defend and maintain the stability of their nation. Nationalism makes a nation stronger. The economy improves because the people strongly support their country and the government thrives because its something the people want and are behind one hundred percent. If the people believe in their leaders, there will be no cause for a disastrous, chaotic rebellion. The people also all share and embrace the same language and culture which makes it easier for them to bond and accept themselves as one uniform people.
There are also negative points to nationalism. The people become too concerned with their own country and have little care for those around them. It breaks up existing nations and leads to violence and war. Existing cultures are can be destroyed. In the end, nationalism can lead to great disaster.
A situation in which nationalism unified the people of diverse nations would be that of Italy. The movement for Italian unity was named Risorgimento. From 1858-1870 Italy was made up of small states. There were different cultures and dialects. The parts of Italy were each possessions of different countries and empires. People considered themselves to be natives of a certain part of Italy rather than “Italians” from Italy as a whole. Count Camillo Di Cavour was a shrewd and determined adviser to Victor Emmanuel II. He was bold and intelligent with natural charm. The defeat of Sardinia in 1848 convinced Cavour that Italy needed the aid of a foreign power in order to force out Austria and achieve Italian unity at last. Cavour decided to support the side of France and Britain in the Crimean war. Sardinia then established a claim to equality with other nations at war. This move also won Sardinia a place in the Congress of Paris which settled treaties after the war concluded. Cavour then met with Napoleon III. Napoleon promised to aid Sardinia in expelling Austria if Sardinia happened to find itself at war. Sardinia agreed, in return, to give the provinces of Savoy and Nice to France if the Italian and French won victory over Austria. In the end, Napoleon betrayed Italy. Italy then realized that they needed to be strong in order to withstand and overcome Napoleon’s invasions. At the Congress of Vienna, Italy was not considered a nation because there was no sense of unity amongst its people. They then especially had a reality check and realized something needed to be done in order for them to form a nation and be taken seriously by the rest of the world.
Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi were two leaders who because allies and worked as a team. They were both for establishing an Italian republic, creating unity and improving the government and overall conditions of Italy. Garibaldi seized Southern Italy with his “Red Shirt” soldiers. In 1860, after voters in Southern Italy supported union with Sardinia, Garibaldi surrendered to Victor Emmanuel II. Emmanuel then became king of Italy together, as one nation.
Although the prospect of nationalism inspires unity within a singular country, it estranges other nations. Austria is a prime example of this. The Austrian empire stretched from Eastern Europe to the end of the Middle East. King Francis I was very strict and against any and all freedoms. He wished to suppress nationalism and revolutions. During his rule, newspapers were forbidden to use the word “constitution”. Francis Joseph inherited the throne soon thereafter. He ruled over the empire into World War I. In order to prevent being overthrown after a defeat by France and Sardinia in 1859 he decided major reforms needed to be made. A new legislature and constitution were set up. The majority of the people were still unhappy however. After defeat by Prussia in 1866, Austria joined forces with Hungary and created a dual monarchy in which they depended on each other economically but had completely separate political systems. They shared finance ministries, a leader, an army and foreign affairs. This eventually led to their downfall because of the nationalistic feelings amongst the people of both countries for their respective nations. The Ottoman Empire also caused problems for Austria-Hungary. Because many countries were trying to seize control over the empire, a complex web of wars erupted. In the end, Austria never reached their initial goal of unity.
In conclusion, nationalism truly can play two roles in society. It can unite the people of a country or it could contribute greatly and nastily to the chaotic downfall of a nation or empire. While nationalism was a great attribute to Italy and its unity, it also played a disastrous role in the failure of Austria. By looking back in history at these two nations, we can clearly observe that maybe patriotism for ones country is not always the best thing.
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[24 Jul 2003|06:42pm]
did another friends cut. if i took you off please do the same for me. sorry :(
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[03 Jul 2003|01:50pm]
sorry guys but i'm really not adding any new friends.
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[16 Jun 2003|08:47pm]
Did a 25+ friends cut. If I took you off PLEASE take me off in return. If you really want to be added back comment and I'll see.
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[15 Jun 2003|12:37am]
[ mood | good ]

friends onlllyyy

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[11 May 2003|07:20pm]
[ mood | full ]

Happy mothers day to everyone + their mothers!! Happy birthday Becca! Today both of my grandmas came over. One, my dad signed out of rehab for the day so that was a nice break for her. She'll be released permanently on wednesday. We ordered chinese + I must have eaten the moosst m&m ice cream ever. Kids, this is what happens when you deprive yourself too much! haha

So basically we ate and I was online because I can talk to my family but basically I can't agree on their issues such as the senior center etc. haha. I gave my mommy her gift :). One of the gifts was a MAC lipstick which I picked out a bad color of so she went to macy's to exchange it. I got the new MAC lipglass in nymphette. I'm hooked on lipgloss. Save me!

Tomorrow is school again. Oh-so-excited for that. Seriously, the weekends go by toooo quickly. Report cards should be soon and school ends in about 20 days? I have the biology regents on June 19th. It should be pretty easy but I AM going to study since I would like to do as well as possible. I can't believe how quickly this school year has gone by but I can't say I'm not glad.. xoxoxo

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[27 Apr 2003|04:30pm]
I think I'm going to do a friends cut. I've been thinking of it for a while and now some of the girls are doing it. I want to be able to read my friends page completely without scrolling past any entries.
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[05 Apr 2003|10:52pm]
Just in case you haven't caught the drift.. this journal is friends only. Comment & I will most likely add you back!
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[22 Feb 2003|07:15pm]

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 770115
Date Created:11/09/02
Number of Posts: 99

Jenna often goes by the nickname Jen. She loves fashion, makeup, glitz & glam. Jenna lives in Brooklyn, NY and has just recently become addicted to livejournal.
Strengths: +Good sense of style +Caring person +nice hair-- when straightened +Loving family & friends +Good sense of humor
Weaknesses: -Overly sensitive -Not as skinny as she wishes -Many things & people piss her off easily
Special Skills: -Professional shopper -Professional student -Can look interested even when shes not
Weapons: -Large hips [[well in my opinion]] haha -Naturally curly hair w/ a little frizz can scare away people instantly
Favorites*: clothes *Juicy Couture *Seven Jeans *Gap *Hard Tail *Guess makeup *Stila *Chanel *MAC *BeneFit *Bourjois etc......

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[21 Feb 2003|08:10pm]
You are a Stila 5 Pan!
You are a Stila 5 Pan!

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[17 Feb 2003|03:21pm]
you just made
< img src="http://www.hpphotos.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=25221172-1bd8-579a-229a-a20910954d6e&size=lg" alt=""/>

that for me & it says it needs to be converted from bitmap to jpg or another form. thanks.
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